Some of my recent works:

The National Gallery

My programme note for the performance:

As I grew up in the countryside, I have been lucky enough to see many scenes like those in “The Cornfield”. In Constable’s painting you can almost hear the breeze which causes the trees to rustle and the grass to whisper, or the splashing and trickling of the small stream by the path. I wanted to try and recreate the pastoral and playful feeling of the art in the music. In a city like London it can often be easy to forget about the beauty and perfection of nature; we might go weeks without ever seeing “organic” nature, as even the parks and the trees are all arranged and cultivated. The Cornfield is a timeless reminder of what it is like to be completely immersed in nature, as there is perhaps nothing more beautiful and healing than the feeling of tranquillity and serenity when connected you are truly with it.

The Cornfield – Constable

Royal College of Art

In 2023 I had the opportunity to work with Linxi Huang from the Royal College of Art on her postgraduate animation about escaping domestication.

The Courtauld Gallery

My piece was inspired by the imagined life of a flower, like those depicted in the image. At first, the flower is full of life and energy as it blooms from a seed into a beautiful flower. As the flower grows older it experiences harsh weather and conditions, becoming weary and lonely in its windswept field. Eventually it is plucked and taken home by a farmer, who places it in on display in a vase. The flower, now basking in radiant sunlight, watches the farmer play and laugh with their children and blooms for a final time, renewed by the vitality and spirit of life on display before it.

Vase of Flowers – Monet

Westworld Rescore

Here is part of a rescore I did for Spitfire Audio’s Westworld rescore competition. I tried to use sound design and heavy synth work to make a dystopian-future-style soundtrack.

Westworld – Rescore

The Great Lakes

Inspired by the Lake District, this piece moves between light and dark and uses pastoral themes to evoke images of the traditional English countryside.


I worked with other composers from Guildhall’s Electronic and Produced Music department to write orchestral music for the Barbican silent film festival, where films from the 1920s were showcased live to picture with an orchestra.

My Album

Check out my Soundcloud album (below), where I put together some of the songs I wrote in the years before starting at Guildhall.